St Johns Toorak, great Louis Williams additions to Wardell’s only Anglican Church.

Inside #StJohnsToorak, nave completed 1860, designed by #WilliamWardell, and its kind of small and intimate, and rather dim – had to brighten up all the pics ! Only has small highlight windows and very low aisles. Found a 19thC photo of the interior (very rare), showing great Gothic style brass chandelier things, possibly gaslit, which would have been on most of the time. The chancel is great, carved timber all over from the 1910s, 20s and 30s, the #stainedglasswindow by #FergusonAndUrie (of course) from 1861, the organ is 1912 (#WilliamHillAndSon).

The Angel Chapel at #StJohnsToorak was added in 1937, and it’s exquisite (but hard to capture). There’s angels everywhere, the biggest holding up the roof. Designed by #LouisWilliamsArchitect, woodwork by J E Lenegan.

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