Australiana in St Johns Toorak. Plus some nice opus sectile

The #pews at #StJohnsToorak are all delightful #Australiana, carved with flora along the tops, birds below on the south side, and animals on the north side – all helpfully with their names carved in too, though you need a flash to see that bit. They were designed by prolific church architect #LouisWilliamsArchitect, an carved by J E Lenegan, and dedicated on 15th Feb 1934. They were paid for by donations from 70 different people and groups, including Mr G. J. Coles, Mrs. Sidney Myer, Mr. M. H. Baillieu, Mrs. H. Sargood, a who’s who of early 30s Melb !

#StJohnsToorak has these lovely memorial panels between the windows in #opussectile, which is a painted ceramic technique – which they started installing in 1946 because they’d run out of room in the windows, which are very small, but also prob there was lots of parishioners who could afford memorials.

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