Greyhound Hotel, dem 2017

Just approved for the site of the #GreyhoundHotel, shockingly demolished in 2017. This is the third owner, hence the vacant site for so long. Im not aware that @cityofportphillip has done anything in response to the demolition, such as making sure that every pub is actually #heritagelisted, never mind later alterations. Design by @bharchitects.

I can’t recall when the drag shows started here, but pretty sure it was early 90s, and I was living two blocks away, but I didn’t go that often. I lived drag shows, but I guess I didn’t have freinds who went regularly. They were pretty amateur from memory, not that that’s a bad thing ! The beefy Maori who only did Tina Turner in a bad wig sticks in my mind.

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