One street in Brighton: the house, the bad, the ….

Just off #ElwoodBeach I was drawn to a rather good house in slim concrete and steel with a great stone wall, and discovered Dawson Avenue is a collection of good contemporary houses, and bad and very bad 90s-2000s houses. This steer us actually in Brighton, maybe that’s a contriving factor somehow. Cheap finishes that stain easily make the bad ones look worse. Maybe in 10 years the new concrete ones will be stained too. I alternate good and bad, and also add that I only really like the first one, the other contemporary ones are only ok.

I hate to tell these people, who clearly liked the house, that what they’ve done is ruin it; the original house was a modest cottage, now it’s a pile up of too many roofs. Better to have started again, and built in the style of, if you liked it so much. Or maybe jack it up and put in a new ground level ? Or maybe just a well designed new house. Or leave alone like the second house a few doors down.

I like this ! A bold simple gesture. Mind you you’d have to live behind curtains, but im sure there’s plenty of family living space at the back facing north. It’s only recently finished. I don’t know who the architects are. I also like that the kids trampoline is in the front yard, and there’s no huge front wall/fence. Leeton Pointon Architects

Nice block of 50s flats in #DawsonAvenueBrighton amongst all the good and bad houses (the multiple photo button has disappeared so I’ve put my other images in a Story). I mean they’re not incredibly stylish, but generous windows and garden, nice stair if a little steep, and the rear units lounges only have one window at the end, but there’s at least one nice feature fireplace and an original bathroom !

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