Athenaeum Theatre, 1924

Repost from last time I was here in May 2017:

The slightly faded grandeur and intimate scale of the #AtheneaumTheatre – perfect for the performance of #Cabaret I saw last night. Love #PaulCapsis. The theatre was created in 1924 inside the 19thC hall/lecture theatre of #theAth, Melbourne’s first #mechanics institute, designed by #HenryWhite, who did so many theates and cinemas in OZ and NZ in them days. It became a cinema in 1930 since theatre died a bit in the depression, and only became a live theatre again in 1976 when it was home for the #MelbourneTheatreCompany. Think I saw Macbeth there on a school excursion, real theatre! We are SO lucky to have 4 original live theatres in our CBD, plus three ex #picturepalaces, one now a live theatre, the others live acts, films etc.

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