Athenaeum Theatre, 1924

Repost from last time I was here in May 2017:

The slightly faded grandeur and intimate scale of the #AtheneaumTheatre – perfect for the performance of #Cabaret I saw last night. Love #PaulCapsis. The theatre was created in 1924 inside the 19thC hall/lecture theatre of #theAth, Melbourne’s first #mechanics institute, designed by #HenryWhite, who did so many theates and cinemas in OZ and NZ in them days. It became a cinema in 1930 since theatre died a bit in the depression, and only became a live theatre again in 1976 when it was home for the #MelbourneTheatreCompany. Think I saw Macbeth there on a school excursion, real theatre! We are SO lucky to have 4 original live theatres in our CBD, plus three ex #picturepalaces, one now a live theatre, the others live acts, films etc.

One thought on “Athenaeum Theatre, 1924

  1. It was where the first film with sound (The Jazz Singer) was screened in 1928
    Also had the initial screening of the Beatles ‘Hard Day’s Night’ in 1964

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