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The Hall of Science, haunt of 1880s radicals.

First posted instagram January 24, 2020  This curious building in the middle of St Vincent's Hospital on Victoria Parade was built as the Hall of Science in 1889 by the Australian Secular Association, a pretty radical organisation who lectured on 'freethought', which was seen as anti-religious - on Sundays ! They didn’t hang on to … Continue reading The Hall of Science, haunt of 1880s radicals.

Postwar cast iron hatefulness in Richmond

A photo from c1960 of the #castironlace #verandah being removed from Hillside, a grand #melbourneterrace thousands pass every day on #HoddleStreetRichmond, when it was being converted to a ladies hostel (and it’s still operating as #HillsideCourt). Possibly the most famous place where the verandah is obviously missing. The photo is from ‘Victorian Heritage - Ornamental … Continue reading Postwar cast iron hatefulness in Richmond

Squeezy : Niagara Lane Warehouses 1887

Fantastic #polychromebrick #warehouses from 1887 in #NiagaraLane in the city, so much effort for such a narrow lane where you can’t see them properly, but lots of great details. Built for Henry Marks, designed by #GeorgeDeLacyEvans. I think they’re all apartments now. One of the locations that began the gentrification of #MelbourneLanes; in 1978 #niagaragalleries … Continue reading Squeezy : Niagara Lane Warehouses 1887

Harston, Brighton, 1885

Here in Victoria, we call this style #lombardicromanesque, even though sometimes it's Italianate or Gothic. Anyway it's a special melb invention, a blend of influences - wonderful #polychromebrick, round arched windows, varied massing, #jerkinhead roofs, and of course a #tower topped with #mansard roof and #widowswalk. Even the ornate #castironfence is intact. My favourite sort … Continue reading Harston, Brighton, 1885

Calabria, Brighton, 1886

One of two big mansions on Church Street on top of the small hill east of the #MiddleBrighton railway station. Another towered mansion, in #redbrick #Italianate form, but with hints of #gothicrevival in the window arches, and the prominent #gable ends. All details painted white, just as they have been probably since the 1950s. Original … Continue reading Calabria, Brighton, 1886

Queens College Melbourne University

#QueensCollege #MelbourneUniversity, main building. One of the many big colleges built on reserved land on a big curve around the top of the Uni. This one was the #Methodist / Wesleyan reserve. It’s impressive but plain and that tower is a bit top heavy; I see now that it’s got a whole extra tall top … Continue reading Queens College Melbourne University

Mosspennoch, East Melbourne

#Mosspennoch, #EastMelbourne, looking fine now that it’s all restored and subdivided neatly into mansion flats; my first pic is from 2015 when it was still just empty as it had been for 20 years. They built a mid rise block of flats (by #BatesSmart) in what was garden but, after wanting to knock it down, … Continue reading Mosspennoch, East Melbourne

Cliveden Mansion

#LostMelbourne (well, there's bits left) #ClivedenMansion was built 1887-88, designed by #WilliamWardell for ‘Australia’s only Baronet’ Sir William Clarke, with the usual 20 bedrooms, ballroom, and craftsmen brought out from Italy to do the marble and stuff. In 1909 became luxury flats with an added floor, then dem in 1968 for Melbourne’s first #HiltonHotel, a … Continue reading Cliveden Mansion