New Zealand Chambers

Excellent shot of the 1887 #NewZealandChambers one of the Rialto-Olderfleet group of buildings, from 1984, now with a #damntree in front. It was taken by Graeme Butler for the CBD heritage data sheets, when it had just been restored (and has just been done again by @lovellchen, at the same time the 1984 pomo 10 level DCM office block behind has been replaced by a 40 storey #Grimshaw one). 2nd is a more recent shot from WikimediaCommons.

Closeups confirm contemporary reports that it’s made up of mostly #architecturalterracotta, in red and buff, along with red and grey granite columns, tuck pointed brickwork, and spandrels of patterned encaustic tiles – all very #highvictorian #gothicrevival. Designed by #TerryAndOakden, this is I think the most extensive use of terra cotta here in the late 19thC – it was very popular in the US, and the UK, but not here. In fact I can’t think of another Gothic Revival building that is quite so richly and densely coloured – but the other buildings in this group come close ! Might have been the work of #HHKemp who became a partner in 1888, or #PercyOakden, both not shy of new and rich effects. (Definitely not #LeonardTerry since he was dead by then).

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