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Manchester Unity Building lobby

Original post 11-13 July 2020 Photos 20 June The exterior of the #ManchesterUnityBuilding is Gothic/Deco, but the interiors are fully #ArtDecostyle; zigzags and chevrons and little delicate patterns. But there’s some oddities too, showing maybe architect #MarcusBarlow hadn’t quite fully grasped how the style was usually executed - there’s a sort of flat pink marble … Continue reading Manchester Unity Building lobby

Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

More #GeoffreyMewton early Modern #Melbourne delights, the Milky Way Cafe photo in the State Library Collection - but what ? where ? - this from the Wikipedia entry for Mewton (which I just wrote): “This was followed in 1934 by the MIlky Way at 300 #LittleCollinsStreet, a venture of the United Milk Producers Society to … Continue reading Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar