Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

More #GeoffreyMewton early Modern #Melbourne delights, the Milky Way Cafe photo in the State Library Collection – but what ? where ? – this from the Wikipedia entry for Mewton (which I just wrote): “This was followed in 1934 by the MIlky Way at 300 #LittleCollinsStreet, a venture of the United Milk Producers Society to encourage milk consumption, with modern tubular steel furniture and flush recessed lighting panels.” I wonder if it was as way out for Melbs as I think it might have been, I only found one article just saying it was ‘black, white and silver with modern lighting’, so maybe not so crazy modern. Or they just didn’t know what to make if it. And what’s with that curtain down one side ? Screening the laneway on that side ? Another shop ?

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