Geoffrey Mewton discovery !

Not my photo but I couldn’t wait – just discovered that #MewtonAndGrounds did a ‘Scout Settlement’ project in #NottStreet, #PortMelbourne in late 1936, and it’s still there ! The Scout Settlement wasn’t the Scouts, but similar, providing recreation rooms for boys ‘from the more congested suburbs’ in this case the very working class Port Melb. It’s swapped the lower windows for a garage, but still looks fine, very 1930s #ModernMelbourne with #creambrick, flat roof (actually a low hip tin roof behind the parapet) and cubic massing, and #stripwindows. It’s thought that #GeoffreyMewton did the more Modern stuff in the partnership, though #RoyGrounds did some very modern flat developments after a trip to Europe in 1938, and of course some amazing Modern houses after WW2, whereas Mewton joined a big firm which didn’t do much notable.

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