Fourth Victoria Building, Collins Street

Original post 1 July 2020

The Fourth Victoria Building (society) in #collinsstreet is a rebuild of an 1880s building by architect #RobertHaddon in #1912 adding two floors, and a new plain facade, which #RobinBoyd described as a ‘fairly wheezy’ first breath of functionalism in Melbourne, but really it’s a fairly direct influence of the #ViennaSecession, complete with coloured tiles and #ArtNouveau details (I reckon). It was intact in 1957 (the B&W pic) but then lost the #lionsheads, the wrought iron screen and the sign in the 60s, then it was pink for ages (and home to Sydney retailer Merrivale & Mr John), and long abandoned above ground floor, finally restored in 2009 as studio apartments. The heritage listing (not updated since the 90s) talks about original internal tiles, lift shaft and pressed metal ceilings, but judging from sale pics no ceilings remain, and no idea about the tiles – anyone been in ? Update : metal mesh lift shaft and stair, all green tiles still there, no sign of pressed metal ceilings.

In 2014


Photos via Facebook friends :

And now look closely the lions heads not at all the same ! Because the sculptor Malcolm Mitchard was only given a blurry photocopy to work to work from :

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