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Port Melbourne Freemasons Hall, 1917

Original post 9 July 2020 The #PortMelbourne #FreemasonsHall in #liardetstreet is great, a bit #ViennaSecession, or maybe just jaunty Edwardian. It’s 1917 obvs, but that’s all I know. Update : there's a foundation stone behind that tree, the honorary architects were CEMerrett and supervising architect Frederick J Brearley, both of course were members and both … Continue reading Port Melbourne Freemasons Hall, 1917

Fourth Victoria Building, Collins Street

Original post 1 July 2020 The Fourth Victoria Building (society) in #collinsstreet is a rebuild of an 1880s building by architect #RobertHaddon in #1912 adding two floors, and a new plain facade, which #RobinBoyd described as a ‘fairly wheezy’ first breath of functionalism in Melbourne, but really it’s a fairly direct influence of the #ViennaSecession, … Continue reading Fourth Victoria Building, Collins Street