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Picturesque Footscray City Primary, 1877 + 1887.

#FootscrayCityPrimarySchool, which I think is pretty cute, a madly squished up collection of #Tudor features, built 1887, added to the more typically spreading rectangular 1877 earlier part, set back from the street. Both parts seem to have all original windows, which is rare. I’ve put the 1960s photo first because of that #poorlyplacedtree. I think … Continue reading Picturesque Footscray City Primary, 1877 + 1887.

Footscray Junior Technical College, 1941.

Footscray Junior Technical School, 1941, #PercyEverett at his finest, a grand entry set on and inside corner, with curves and counter-curves, a circular vestibule, some great brickwork, topped by a pair of flagposts - the only thing is there’s trees in front, and a big newer block, and a slight slope down, meaning it doesn’t … Continue reading Footscray Junior Technical College, 1941.