Percy Everett in Willy

Lunch in #Williamstown, so had to have a look at #PercyEverett’s addition to #WilliamstownHighSchool, and excellent as always, looking like a superior 1930s office block almost, but it’s actually 1948 – Percy seems to have ignored modernism almost complete (#RobinBoyd etc must have been shaking their heads in disbelief). But it’s very nice, well built too despite post-war restrictions, with a semi-circular bay over the entry, and long horizontal windows, on the front subdivided by vertical angled brick piers, on the side a curious shallow zig-zag ‘eyebrow’ (not much shading for this north-east side though); this block of 6 classrooms was added in front of the original 1867 building, which had been built as Williamstown Grammar- they moved in the 1880s, don’t know what it was in between. Percy put his block just to one side of the old main facade – bet he was thinking to do another symmetrical one eventually, but instead someone plonked one right in front, possibly in the 80s.

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