Author: Rohan Storey

New Monash University Chancellory

Monash University Chancellery, by @armarchitecture, 2020 - on a rare outing I had a look. I thought the columns by various artists were great ! Some I presume by ARM too (the black one clearly a wonky version of Adolf Loos’ 1922 Chicago Tribune competition entry); I loved the concrete couch by Kathy Temin. The … Continue reading New Monash University Chancellory

Queen Victoria Building and Queens Walk Arcade

The delightful Queen Victoria Building, once on the corner of Swanston and Collins, in a close up of a painting from 1889 by Jacques Carabain, a French/Belgian artist who made a living going round the world and painting street scenes (usually exotic locales though). Then a scan of a slide of the building from the … Continue reading Queen Victoria Building and Queens Walk Arcade

Collins Street in the wet c1900

Fantastic action shot of Collins Street from 1900-1910, looking west from Elizabeth Street, in the wet. This happens to be the one block where everything is gone, except the domed banking chamber interior behind the huge classical facade in the centre, and the ex-National Mutual building with spire in the distance on the corner of … Continue reading Collins Street in the wet c1900

Corrigan at the VCA

Original post 17 December 2017 A bit of #postmodern madness, the 2004 Drama School at the #VictorianCollegeoftheArts by that cantankerous maverick #PeterCorrigan (but really it’s #EdmondandCorrigan). I don’t love it I don’t hate it I guess I don’t know what to think; solid, wonky dark massing with colourful stuck on cloud-shaped balcony things. I just … Continue reading Corrigan at the VCA