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Prairie Style in Toorak.

#ClendonLodge is one of the lesser known houses by #WalterBurleyGriffin and #MarionMahonyGriffin, built in 1927, even though it’s right on the pointy corner where #ClendonRoad meets #ToorakRoad, maybe cos it’s hidden by generous planting. Also, it’s not the most exciting of their houses, pretty straight forward #PrairieStyle, as they were doing in Chicago before they … Continue reading Prairie Style in Toorak.

Equity Trustees, Bourke Street.

Pleasantly surprised to see that the additional floors on #EquityTrustees aren’t green ! They’re simpler than I thought they were going to be, so hard to keep up. Also it’s not just a hotel, it’s going to be a #HiltonHotel ! A little 244 room one. Designed by #batessmart. Nice to see as well that … Continue reading Equity Trustees, Bourke Street.

Kurrajong is a tree not a bird 😁

#KurrajongHouse in #CollinsStreet near the Regent is fine to look at but curiously without a clear style; it’s sort of squared off abstracted classical but really quite plain except that it’s all windows, mostly in the protruding central bay. Built 1936-27, it was designed by #RMandMHKing, a father and son team, better known for houses, … Continue reading Kurrajong is a tree not a bird 😁

Queens College Laboratories

Behind the main building at #QueensCollegeMelbourne is this curious thing, a #laboratories building, built in 1930 in a sort of Deco-Tudor style, with an octagonal lantern, like a mini-cathedral ! Great #typeface, I suppose #GothicScript. Paid for by the great 30s philanthropists the Nicholas brothers, of Aspro wealth, also practicing Methodists, hence this structure, rebuilding … Continue reading Queens College Laboratories

Queens College Principals Residence

Repost 2018: This is the Principle’s Residence at #QueensCollegeMelbourne, probably the one built for their new Professor of Theology, Rev Calvert Barber, in 1938, and probably designed by #HarryNorris. Gives you some idea of how spacious the whole #MelbourneUniversity campus was before WW2, scattered buildings with lots of staff houses, and lots of lawn and … Continue reading Queens College Principals Residence