Francis House, Collins Street

Francis House, #CollinsStreet, up near 101 Collins, always a fave, I guess cos it looks so cute squeezed between the other buildings.

Slightly better photo than sept last year, when I said :

#FrancisHouse, by #BlackettandForster, 1927, famous for winning the first architecture award in Victoria, the #StreetArchitectureMedal, in 1929 (which, as it sounds, was about how it graced the street, and mostly went to grand city commercial buildings for the next decade). Beautiful shopfront too. The Australian Home Beautiful described the winner as ….”pleasantly prim and Georgian… is just the right colour and has a suspicion of maidenly propriety that is very attractive”. Francis was a chemist, obviously one that did well, maybe cos he was surrounded by the top medical specialists in what later became known as the #ParisEnd of #CollinsStreet

Francis House, August 2018

September 2017, #damntrees

Repost 25 September 2019:

This is i think the best old-school #shopwindow in the city, and it was for a #Chemist ! Henry Francis & Co., 1927; I guess being a #CollinsStreet chemist was lucrative, since the whole 6 storey building was built for them. #FrancisHouse was designed by #BlackettAndForster, who had just done another Chambers the next block up, also #GeorgianRevival, and this one was considered so well done it won the very first Victorian architecture award, which was as much about good manners as style, called the #StreetArchitectureMedal, in 1929.

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