Napier Waller Wilson Hall stained glass, 1935

In the #IanPotterMuseumofArt at #MelbourneUniversity you’ll see all that’s left of the first #WilsonHallMelbourneUniversity, a great #GothicRevival edifice built in 1878-82 and mostly destroyed by fire in 1952. My closeup is of #Ceres (the Goddess of fecundity), and #Prometheus (who brought down the Divine Fire to man, this time as a female figure). Love the stylised Here’s the Gallery’s description :

The Leckie Window was a donation from designed and created by #NapierWaller in 1935, and installed in the south wall of the north west transept of Wilson Hall at The University of Melbourne and unveiled at the Conferring of Degrees ceremony that year. Wilson Hall was totally [not totally, just gutted !] destroyed by fire in January 1952. The Leckie Window was the only major artwork to survive the fire and miraculously most of the glass was recovered intact. The most severe damage to the window was to the face and hair of Prometheus where the glass had been shattered. Stored for 45 years, it was extensively cleaned and repaired and missing glass replaced in 1997… as a major feature of The Ian Potter Museum of Art.

In the late 1920s Waller also did the huge south window at Wilson Hall, which was destroyed in the fire.

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