You want streamlined ? Freemasons Hospital, East Melbourne, 1937 + 1958.

Quite a #streamlined landmark – the celebrated #FreemasonsHospital in #EastMelbourne is a result of the front corner being a matching 1958 extension to the original 1937 #hospital designed by #StephensonandMeldrum. They were famous for introducing white stark european #modernism to #Melbourne starting with the 1934 #mercyhospital just round the corner.

The extension makes it striking, but I now realise includes that annoying #liftoverrun, and the glassy top floor added in the 80s, extended just recently, also obscures the original more stepped lift overrun.

The #basrelief on the #lifttower of the 1937 #FreemasonsHospital by #StephensonandTurner glints in the sun, which is just as well, otherwise you might not notice it, so small and dark and high. You can just make out the healer ministering to the sick or whatever it it is.

#ArtyShot of the #escapestairs on the side of the former #FreemasonsHospital in #EastMelbourne; looks very 1930s modern, but actually 1958 extension to the 1937 original by the same architects #StephensonandTurner.

Same shot from 2016:

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