Chef factory offices 1963, Theodore Berman has fun with Modernism.

The excellent #CraigAndSeeley factory offices in #Brunswick, built in 1963, designed by #TheodoreBerman, one of the mostly Jewish postwar #EmigreArchitects (or @othermoderns). Love it, all that colours! Intense green, patterned, and bright red, over black and white (incl white mosaic tiles on the columns). C&S made Chef brand stoves, taking over from Lux, who occupied the former #BrunswickGasWorks. This part was nearly demolished when the factory closed in 2001, because it wasn’t listed, since the fun end of modernism like this wasn’t considered ‘proper’ for a long time – but locals and the #NationalTrustVic banded together and Moreland Council too, and it ended up being not only locally listed but on the #VictorianHeritageRegister.

Closeup of the #enamelmetal panels of #CraigandSeeley, #Brunswick, 1963, #TheodoreBerman. They made stoves, so they used their own machinery to make these ! They’re off-centre flat pyramids, placed on alternate directions, which crates a larger scale pattern, though doesn’t seem to come out in photo as much as when you’re standing there.

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