Birdcage Lift, c1921.

Melbourne’s only #birdcagelift (or at least the only one I know of not in a Collins street club) ! Look at that curly #wroughtiron ! Made OH&S safe by simply screwing #Perspex over the grills. There are others where the outside survives, but they’re modern inside. This one apparently c1921, sitting practically on the street in a very unassuming 3 storey (plus basement) building at 107 #FlindersLane. This lift survived getting an extra floor in the 90s…..😮 there was a proposal in 2015 for 43 storeys ! By a developer, though it was owned by @coxarchitecture. Fortunately @101collinsstreet soon bought it, so that they could put a covenant on it to preserve their views – phew ! I guess that’s one reason why this precinct is still preserved.

#OldLift magic ! #FlindersLane. c1921. Still there even though if you don’t close the door properly, it won’t move, the people upstairs are stuck – maybe because it’s only 4 storeys, so nobody minds the occasional walk. Wonder if the goods lift out the back is still there ?

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