Birdcage Lift, c1921.

Melbourne’s only #birdcagelift (or at least the only one I know of not in a Collins street club) ! Look at that curly #wroughtiron ! Made OH&S safe by simply screwing #Perspex over the grills. There are others where the outside survives, but they’re modern inside. This one apparently c1921, sitting practically on the street in a very unassuming 3 storey (plus basement) building at 107 #FlindersLane. This lift survived getting an extra floor in the 90s…..😮 there was a proposal in 2015 for 43 storeys ! By a developer, though it was owned by @coxarchitecture. Fortunately @101collinsstreet soon bought it, so that they could put a covenant on it to preserve their views – phew ! I guess that’s one reason why this precinct is still preserved.

If you don’t close the door properly, it won’t move, the people upstairs are stuck – maybe because it’s only 4 storeys, so nobody minds the occasional walk. Update : many remember when it was Cox and Carr design in the 90s, and yes the lift often got stuck or broke down, and wheelchairs don’t fit through the door.

Wonder if the goods lift out the back ?

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