Horsies ! Victorian Club, Queen Street, 1929

See the #horsie ? 😮😁 There’s rather happy looking ones at the top and bottom of the windows of the former #VictorianClub in Queen Street. Built in 1929 for Victoria’s #bookmakers, designed in an elaborate classical style by #JosephPlottel, Bunnett and Alsop. They did their ‘settling’ here in the main room, which was working out the math for who won how much, cos they paid out once/week, not on the spot back then. Which of course was tempting for crooks, and the club was robbed twice – once in 1953, and again in 1976, the famous #GreatBookieRobbery, where they got away with about $5.3 mill – never caught but years later one surviving member told his lawyer the whole story, and by 1992 all the gang members had died – killed during other robberies, or by each other.

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