State Bank Western Branch, 1923

This fine #StrippedClassical bank and office building on the corner of Spencer & Collins was designed by #PeckandKemter and built in 1923 for the #StateSavingsBankofVictoria, as the ‘Western Branch’, an example of how there was so much business in the CBD that all the banks had multiple branches. This one has a fine and very large #bankingchamber that’s largely intact – there’s a big mezzanine on one side but it still feels huge. The #QueenslandMaple panelling still survives too, though the rubber floor (!) has been replaced with granite. It’s lucky this c2005 #adaptivereuse as the lobby of the #BatmansHillHotel fits so well, because it wasn’t #heritagelisted until 2013, and the interior still isn’t.

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