Druids House, 1926

Repost 2018:

There’s a big old #Druid looking down from #DruidsHouse in #SwanstonStreet. Wonder if the Ancient Order of Druids had their board room up there behind him on the 6th floor ? [update: no, the windows are recentish]. Architects Gibbs Finlay Morsby & Coates, 1926. A site the width of two terrace houses by the looks.

Office interior 1989, don’t think it survived.

#DruidsHouse, #SwanstonStreet, 1926, by Gibbs Finlay Morsby & Coates, has a nice but squeezy lobby, with #terrazzo, marble, wrought-iron and timber balustrades, from basement to first floor, with the lift at the half landing (DDA !) not sure about the feature globe light fitting though, looks a bit too Deco, modern welding etc, but it’s sympathetic. The overly patterned cage door thing isn’t so nice.

2021 : the lobby is fortunately largely intact, as compared with the 1989 photo by Graeme Butler, and clearly the lamp is an addition.

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