Charming remnant, Little Lonsdale Street

Wonderful aged looking 1880s #VictorianWarehouse in #LittleLonsdeStreet, one of a set of three nice little leftovers amongst newer crap including Melb Central. These three got interim #heritagelisting late last year as part of a proposed Drewery Lane #heritageprecinct, which they back on to.

Original post 28 Feb 2022:

Heritage listing was confirmed just a few months ago. The right hand one was open – first time I’ve ever seen into #PeonyGarden – it really is a funny old camera store, run by a very elderly looking Chinese couple, and there were a whole lot of shoppers too ! I presume they’ve been there since maybe the 60s or 70s, once running a restaurant in a tucked away spot, now surrounded by apartments and shopping centres and lots of Asian students ! Last time I posted this some remembered cheap meals there, or even buying a camera.

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