Some Art Deco goodness – Windermere, Elwood, J Esmond Dorney, 1936

Thought this would photoshop better when overcast and it does – here’s what I said 6 months ago: The fabulous Windermere, #EsmondDorney’s best #ArtDecoflats (of many he did in #Elwood), from 1936.

With his signature semi-circular ended balconies, flying in opposite directions, and contrasting verticals, and a great delicate #leadlight window (bathroom ?), also matching ones inside (real estate pics). This was one of the first Art Deco flats to be listed by #HeritageVictoria, and you can see why. After WW2 Dorney moved to Tasmania where he had a second career as a Modernist, doing a number of out-there houses, notably his own #EsmondDorneyHouse, now owned by Hobart City Council and everyone’s favourite.

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