Martin & Pleasance, 1889, FM White, layers facade and improbable staircase.

Always worth another shot, the great 1889 #MartinAndPleasance building on the #CollinsStreet hill, they were Melbs premier purveyors of #homeopathic remedies, back when that was big business. Designed by #FMWhite, who was in his late 60s by then, so maybe really the work of his son, Alfred. So much layering…..the tiles had been painted over for decades, thankfully restored in the early 2000s.

Highly improbable #staircase in the 1889 #MartinandPleasance building in #CollinsStreet, like some tight Paris tenement. So surprised the OH&S people havnt declared it unsafe. Matches the exterior come to think of it. It’s not protected because the building isn’t on the #victorianheritageregister, and it’s not really an ‘interior’ that could be protected by the planning scheme, a failing of the system………

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