Patersons Furniture, Smith Street, 1912.

#PatersonsStore, #SmithStreetFitzroy, quite a landmark. Built 1912 as a big furniture store when Smith Street was at its height as completion to the city, especially for furniture. Architect #AHFisher. Foy & Gibson’s huge emporium was just across the street. The interior was full of #pressedmetalceilings but sadly didn’t keep any, though they did keep the steel and timber structure rather than facading it so that’s a plus. They also didn’t touch the exterior, peeling paint and old #neonsign !

The things you find ! A 1912 ad for #PatersonsFurniture in #SmithStreetFitzroy when they moved to their new building (not 1911 as I thought). Their previous building is still there too, built 1905, showing how the mass-produced furniture industry grew after Federation introduced high tariffs on imports. Found some ads too, a photo of it from the 1970s, and the interior during a charity art event in 2015, showing there was possibly more timber lined ceilings than #pressedmetal ones – and some from after the conversion, I guess theyre the original #floorboards, and they kept the stairs, next to a glass atrium, which is pretty groovy actually. One of the apartments is on @airbnb.

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