Police Stables transformed by KTA in 2018.

After the @heritagecouncilvic @openhousemelb Heritage Lecture last night by #KerstinThompson at the #VictorianCollegeoftheArts in Southbank, we got a tour of of one of her works, the conversion of the 1912 #PoliceStables last year into studios ! Lovely work, very nicely detailed, fits in the space snugly, though I was a bit disappointed that not many stables doors left, about 10, I was sort of expecting there to just be students where there were horses, but there’s not much even the best #adaptivereuse can do with them I guess. Apparently most of the bluestone floor is still there under new floors, with part exposed. I thought I could detect a faint horsey odour, not unpleasant.(last 3 photos not mine obvs)

Got a look at the conversion of the old #PoliceStables into VCA studios in Southbank last night, this is the ‘bond lair’ in the entry rotunda; the upper level is a meeting room with a built-in #occulus ! You can’t see much, but it’s fun ! And the spider web of light steel roof trusses were left untreated, showing their age.

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