Contextual in Collingwood

The #OxfordandPeel apartment project by #jacksonclementsburrows, completed 2016, is one of their most respectful of context, namely that Oxford Street is entirely lined with the big Edwardian #redbrick buildings of the #FoyandGibson manufacturing empire, by #WilliamPittArchitect. I might have liked it even better if it was in exactly the same #redbrick, but I guess it didnt have to be. Close up, they’re nicely varied, as if they were second hand. Only criticism is that from ads online, the apartments are pretty small and expensive and with those inset balconies, the lounge rooms don’t get that much light in winter. But then the people who live here are probably never at home. And maybe it’s part of it’s got 7 natHERS rating out of a possible 10 – I@suppose cutting down on aircon would be a big part ? (though in the not too distant future all elec will be green so we can keep the aircon on more !).

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