Great big shed in Swanston Street

I knew the #acousticshed over the #melbournecitysquare site for the #melbournemetro town hall station was going to be big, but seeing it is another thing. It’s 20m high, 30m wide and 90m long. And it’s going to be there for about 5 years. Ps I think no need to build a new city square I mean fed sq us one block away, why not put back what was there before more or less, a network of laneways, shops, hotels and low rent office buildings, much more useful to city life than a space that’s empty most of time ! Plus some trees and grass, because that part was nice. PPS the roof is going to be painted by Detroit artist #PatPerry, for peeps in tall buildings I suppose, the wall art yet to be decided, maybe just paint the buildings that were there before the city square ?? The Victoria Building was pretty spesh.

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