Capitol Theatre – behind the scenes

Got a tour of the #CapitolTheatre last week, and this was a highlight ! Seeing behind the fabbo plaster ‘prisms’ to see the one bit of original lighting kept in place, complete with plaque so that no one removes at some point in the future ! Just imagine crawling through the whole thing replacing these globes when they blew, us what was done for decades ! Now it’s all #LEDlighting, which is a bit bright, but loads of fun.

On our tour of the #CapitolTheatreMelbourne we got to see the #biobox ! And the view into the cinema, and a great staircase with #WalterBurleyGriffin 1924 angular detailing. Great stuff ! (these 1960s projectors about to be replaced, they need room for modern plat ones).

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