Hidden Heritage in Brighton.

Park House, Brighton was built in 1856, just off the Esplanade, for James Webb, probably designed by his brother #CharlesWebbArchitect… but but …yep, like so much Victorian stuff in St Kilda, it got turned into flats, adding in front, tower bits either side and whole new sections either side of that too- can’t find out when, prob the early 20s, found a photo from 1918, says its Park House, looks the same, in which case it got altered twice. It was sold in 1950, after which Keith Court was created in front, so now only a few windows have a bay view. The north side (real estate photo) looks like a fabbo Victorian timber Swiss style thing, but must be part of the flat conversion. Luckily it got #heritagelisted back in the early 90s when @baysidecitycouncil was listing things. I saw this for the first time in 2006 when I was editing a guide to bayside heritage, and they only had a photo of the side, I was so surprised, thought they’d got it wrong ! And ever since then whenever I went down the Esplanade I looked out for it but never saw it till Sunday…. it was blue then and got cut from the guide cos the owners didn’t want it in, even though it’s not like it’s hidden or anything.

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