A gift of sculpture – Melbourne Terrace, Franklin Street, 1994.

Now that’s how you make an entrance ! The fabulous figures on #NondaKatsalidis’ 1994 Melbourne Terrace were sculpted by #PeterCorlett, and they must make every occupant here happy just to get to their front door. This one is an #atlantes, a male figure that holds up something, in this case for realistic than your historical ones, but he does have a Renaissance style dick. This was practically the first CBD housing development since the 70s, very radical, but very soon of course joined by so many. It’s also been #heritagelisted since 2015, which is nice considering that the recent Hoddle grid heritage review for the other side of Latrobe stopped at 1975! Last two pubs not mine, I wanted to it without those #damntrees. Oh, just saw that it won the #EnduringArchitectureAward last year ! How did I miss that. So in retrospect it’s the best building of 1994.

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