50s clunky I won’t miss it !

First posted instagram January 24, 2020 

Apparently this is going to be demolished soon, and I’m ok with that. Built as the #StVincentsHospitalMelbourne #NursesHome with casualty on the lower levels, it was built in the early 1950s, and it’s just a huge imposing #creambrick bock, relieved only by inset balcs on one side and stuck on ones on the other. It’s rather like US public housing of the late 40s esp NY which was totally without ornament or balcs. It’s got some trad detailing down the bottom but that’s it. It’s neither Modern nor trad nor late Art Deco, it’s nothing, and it totally dominates that corner. I do hope though that whatever they build will have some set backs at least. Not sure if this is going ahead soon though vis they’re currently plonking something huge at the other end, looming over the Eastern Hill Hotel, though not dem any of it – but that’s the private wing ? Hospitals make odd choices when rebuilding, based on need and land and moving things around – in the 90s their plan was to one by one sweep away all the old buildings for new, they dem the 1913 Druids Wing recently…

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