Cast iron street lamps Princes Bridge, 1890 originals and 1926 versions.

The #castironlamps on #PrincesBridge were installed in May 1926 – when they made the news ! I like how they’ve painted up the @cityofmelbourne crest, with its spouting #whale and comedy #kangaroo. We almost had different ones, I found the choices from 1923.

These lamps on #PrincesWalk, the ramp / street leading up to #PrincesBridge (that used to be #BatmanAvenue, complete with tram) are very nice, but I don’t know anything much about them – the (wonky) lamp on top is from the 1920s when #castironstreetlamps were installed on the cbd streets, and st kilda road, and the main part of the bridge, but these bases were made in 1890 along with the ramp, which came a bit after the bridge itself, added by the @cityofmelbourne, hence their crest. Possibly designed by A W McKenzie. I guess they were meant to get gas lights, but the photo from c1900 implies they never did.

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