Not the oldest building in Melbourne, but nearly.

This funny little #cornerpub facing the courtyard of #StVincentsHospitalMelbourne, but almost hidden, is actually one of Victoria’s oldest buildings, c1843 – I knew it was old but not that old ! That’s only 8 years after Fawkner & Batman set up camp. Amazing it survived all this time. I seem to recall the hospital made moves to demolish it (years after plonking that’s carpark leaning out so far it almost touches) in the 90s, but it had been on the #VictorianHeritageRegister since 1982 so that wasn’t going to happen. Instead they converted it into their addiction clinic, perhaps intentionally ironic given the probable numbers of alcoholics it catered to in its day. The heritage listing notes that “the building retains many of its earliest internal features, including two early timber mantles with brick hearths, the hotel and residence stairs, the lath-and-plaster ceilings and walls, remnants of hessian wall linings and many doors and architraves. Externally the building retains its original bar windows, gutter brackets, hotel sign on the side wall and shingles (under the corrugated iron).”

Ps I think only the nave part of both st Francis and st james old cathedral are older in Melb, both 1842, though that’s when first put to use, neither were finished for a few years.

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