Refined contemporary in East Melbourne

First posted 10 November 2019

George + Powlett in #EastMelbourne just finished, 11 apartments, I assume luxury ones, designed by #PowellAndGlenn (#AllanPowellArchitect) replaced a rather daggy 70s brick motel. I quite like it, a rather severe channeling of #YunckenFreeman, complete with basement flats facing into an ‘area’ as seen in #1MacarthurStreet. Could have done with slightly more setback and garden I think.

One thought on “Refined contemporary in East Melbourne

  1. Definitely an improvement on the “daggy 70s brick motel” that preceded it but I’m mostly glad it didn’t impinge upon 22 Powlett St (next door, visible in the first couple of photos) which was built in 1936 for the famous Tait family (Elizabeth Tait lived nearby at 60 Clarendon Street) as a 16-apartment block, later (much later) remodelled into 8. My late mother lived in 4 x different apartments in that block, and I’m very pleased it’s still there!

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