Skipping girl sign about to be boxed in ☹️

Original post 13 February 2020

Yes the #SkippingGirl building is up for sale ☹️ It’s on the #VictorianHeritageRegister, but only 10m space on the side and back is also controlled – the building, built in the 30s for #CrusaderPlate, is listed by the @cityofyarra, but these days that means just keep the external walls. The only silver lining is that the whole site is covered by the 2017 YarraRiver Protection Corridor, which has an 18m height limit (yay!) but it’s ‘Discretionary’ (boo!) so they’d get a few more floors, and the current building looks to maybe 10-12m high, so even with a 15 setback (not guaranteed) there would be some kind of wall behind it. And there’s a 9 storey thing that got approved on the vacant site next door before the new controls, with a slight setback, so she’ll be boxed in on two sides. ☹️ I helped get the sign on the Register, and tried to get a setback control next door, but nothing happened, and I never thought the factory would go higher too !

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