Prairie style in St Kilda by EF Billson, 1927.

First posted 26 October 2019

A most unusual block of #StKildaFlats in Jackson Street. Here’s what I said last time I posted it in 2015: A bit of #PrairieStyle in #stkilda, with a bit of #LouisSullivan too. Lyon Court in Jackson street nr Acland. Designer unknown. Portphillip heritage study says c1920, but I’d say later; found some adds for flats to rent here in 1927, so bet it was built then. Not by #walterburleygriffin though has many of his elements (not the #redbrick or brick #arch though, which is a bit #Sullivanesque, as are the #foliated patterned tiles); perhaps inspired by his (very) similar #langiflats in Toorak of 1925/6, which would tally with the rental date. Also, appears to still be a rental block, no sale notices. It’s quite small, only 4, shallow block, tiny back yard. Update dec 3rd : @cityofportphillip plans show it was #EFBillson ! Pupil of WBG. And 1927.

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