Late Deco in West St Kilda

Original post 19 February 2020

Photos 1 December 2019

This place in #CowderoyStreet, #StKildaWest looks very typical 1930s #ArtDeco, but it’s 1947 ! Designer unknown. But might actually be earlier ? Ground and first floor are 4 spacious three bed flats, clearly for well off families / empty nesters who didn’t want a house, but liked the idea of being near the beach. But the top floor is 4 one beds, with no balconies or curved corner windows, maybe that floor was added in 1947, and the original part is …1937? Update : my contacts tell me yes it was two floors of four big flats built in 1947, owner and possibly designer David Mrocki, and then the top floor added in 1966, by – #ErnestFooks !

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