ES&A Bank, Glenferrie Road, Malvern, 1959

Original post 22 September 2019

I remember passing by this in #GlenferrieRoadMalvern as a kid – guess it was so unusual it made an impression ! Built 1959 as an #ESandAbank, designed by #StuartMcIntosh, their in house architect who did a number of other outstanding ones (including Moe if anyone is ever there!). I went to the hearing at #HeritageVictoria which listed it in the 90s, but at the same time they gave the owner (who looked very angry, and said something about ‘my retirement fund’) a permit to remove the bottom fin and much of the stone plinth, against my protests, supposedly to make it easier to let – which it doesn’t really, shops seem to come and go – it would be best as an office, or maybe a jeweller. Also a bit surprised that the fins are made of plywood.

21 February 2020:

A bit shocked to see the state of the 1959 #ESandABank in #GlenferrieRoad (and also that the fins seem to be made of plywood), but they’re currently repairing the roof so maybe the rest will follow ? Hmm just thinking if this were say Germany there’d be grants available, an expectation that it would be restored, and the owners would want to do it too. @ Malvern Town Hall

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