Skipping Girl viewlines

Original post 24 February 2020

So the building the #SkippingGirlSign is on is on a separate title from the bit with the Deco tower just beyond; and it’s the closer bit that being sold soon, which is #heritagelisted, so they’ll have to keep at least 10m depth of it (preferably all of it!) but then they can go up another 4 or 5 floors (discretionary max 18m), which creates a nasty new backdrop, so.. a few ideas; severe angle to the new stuff so it doesn’t sit behind the sign (grey lines); or set back way back and then can go higher (yellow lines); propping the sign up higher (but then a bit divorced from its 30s perch); or put it slightly higher on the deco tower beyond (but that’s someone else’s building, in fact it seems to be 3 super huge luxury flats with tennis court, they’d have to agree). Then there’s the attenae of the newish apartments beyond which get in the way from some angles. I guess the best idea is a great big setback.

So the already permitted apartment development next to the #SkippingGirlSign is going to wreck views of it from the east, though I guess it’ll be more visible at night, but then it’ll have lit up windows behind it. ☹️ I do have the VCAT report, but haven’t read thoroughly, but curious this could happen when there is a clear #heritageguideline to “not obscure principal viewlines to existing significant signage” – perhaps interpreted to mean only to, not from behind ?

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