Florida, St Kilda Road, 1916

Original post 3 March 2020

Repost from 2020:

some Lost Melbourne- The exotically named Florida, #StKildaRoad, corner High Street, demolished way back in 1982 (when fortunately it was photographed by Graeme Butler). It was built in 1916, during the first wave of flats in Melbourne, from just before WW1. It was designed by #NahumBarnet, towards the end of his career, but was perhaps the first really stylish block, since the others tended to rather severe red brick. Its Edwardian style, with some Bungalow/Arts & Crafts influences. Solid yet varied. A great loss. The 4th photo is of the back of the front block, the space behind called Florida Ave. The last photo is of the ‘tower’, which was the water tank. The top floor in the first photo appears to have been added at some point. It was replaced by a pomo office block, itself now replaced by the boot-shaped ‘St Boulevard’ 🙄

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