Lenton Parr screen, rough and huge !

Original post 19 March 2020

For some reason this is the thing I most wanted to see at #McClellandSculpturePark – it’s a giant screen, made by #LentonParr for the Customs House office block on the corner of William Street and Flinders Street in 1967 – and it’s great ! Placed where it has a strong presence but the sun is always behind it, so close-ups are best. Very textured, it’s all hmm flaps and blades, maybe something to do with electricity since it was designed to screen a #substation, but maybe not. Also, it’s symmetrical, hard to tell until you get up close. Moved here in 1996 when the building was sold and done over. That makes 4 relocated works here that I found and I know there’s more.

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