Lost Melbourne, CBD

Original post 10 April 2020

In 2011 I worked on the Lost! app for the @nationaltrustvic, 100 places in the #MelbCBD dem since the 50s – it’s now inactive, but I’ve got sooo many photos, here’s a few of the smaller lesser known ones; Regency style house, 1850s, William Street Nth West cnr Little Lon, dem c1970; Terraces 121-123 Collins (Hyatt site), dem c1970; the #FriendsMeetingHouse, 20 Russell Street, prob 1860, dem 1965; Australian Hotel, Spencer cnr Little Collins, dem c1970 for the MMBW tower; House, 13 Collins, prob 1850s, shown in 1956 when losing verandah for some shops in front, dem c1969 for that #KurtPopper thing.

One of my fave finds in the @nationaltrustvic slide collection which has a few choice colour snaps from the 50s/60s is this from 1965, offices built for the #MelbourneHarbourTrust in 1893 on the #FlindersStreetExtension, itself created in 1890 to provide access to #VictoriaDock (now #MelbourneDocklands) then under construction. It looks like some 1920s #strippedclassical design by I guess the designer, Trust Engineer AM Alexander was just trying to be chaste. (Hmm maybe the side top floors were added later). The research said it survived until c1983, when the World Trade Centre was started, but I’m not convinced, surely there would have been a fight over it ?

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