Wustemann’s Buildings, 1901, Bridge Road Richmond

Original post 11 April 2020

Photos 5 March

The gloomy day (a month ago) kind of suits this building, the completely OTT #WustemannsBuildings, another gem on #BridgeRoadRichmond. It was built in 1901, but pretty much looks like a late 1890s #RenaissanceRevival design, with added #EdwardianBaroque elaboration, those scrolled #brokenpediments, the arched #openpediment on top, and the extra domed things on the parapet. Looks like maybe there was at least one other in this row, maybe 2, but no room for three, so the taller one was never in the middle ?!

At least 20 years ago this got painted in ochre #limewash, as it might have been originally, now faded into this fab pale textured look.

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