Athenaeum Club, Collins Street, 1929

Original post 14 April 2020

Photos Sept 2019

The Athenaeum Club in #CollinsStreet was built in 1929 and designed by #CedricBallantyne (busy with the Regent at the same time) and I think his eclectic composition of Georgian/American Beaux Arts also referred to the Victorian architecture around it at the time – namely the detail above the first floor windows, a bit too elaborate to be called Georgian. And the balustraded inset verandah too. Ps the inside is great, not that there’s many photos that clearly show it, I’ve been in ages ago and I remember the great #cagelift (with protective plastic) and a cameo of #Athena, the first floor front lounge with those huge fireplaces and tall timber pilasters, but I don’t recall seeing what looks like a big ballroom and an equally big meeting room with chandeliers, or that last panelled room, bit looks great. Seems like they plenty of events, including weddings.

The 1929 #AthenaeumClub building has some of those elegant #shopwindows only found in the #ParisEnd of #CollinsStreet; designed by #CedricBallantyne in that 1920s stylised vaguely ArtDeco classical, in copper, though oddly one is polished, the other isn’t. Fendi has taken over two shopfronts, and has a neat solution for extra display by infilling the second door.

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