Atlantic, Pacific and Orion, St Kilda,1934-5

Original post 10 October 2019

The Pacific, and next door the Atlantic and the Orion, on the pointy corner of Grey & Barkly, #StKilda, built 1934-5, and all by #BernardEvans – doing something that looks a bit like #IGAnderson, who did an unbuilt design for this corner, possibly in his Spanish/Gothic/Deco as seen on the 1930 Brunswick Market. These are built on the site of the created by the demolition of the first St Kilda Town Hall, built 1859.

Repost 2019: ‘Orion’ flats #StKilda – described at the time in 1934 as ‘modernistic’, an unusual style for architect #BernardEvans, then in his early 30s, who went on to a long an eventful career. Here he might be channeling #IGAnderson who did an unbuilt design for the corner, whose style at the time was expressionist Gothic/Deco, similar brickwork anyway. Evans also designed the adjacent Pacific and Atlantic flats the next year in similar style. He went on to design many flats, into the 1950s, then commercial buildings, was twice Lord Mayor of Melb in 1959-61, designed the 26 floor CRA tower in Collins, in 1962 the tallest in the city (dem 1988), championed the city square in the late 60s, finally retired under somewhat of a cloud of possible conflicts of interest in the early 70s.

The old St Kilda Town Hall

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