Paton Building, Elizabeth Street, 1905.

Original post March 2018 :

The #PatonBuilding, 1905, architect #NahumBarnet. One of the wonderful #TallArchedRedBrickRomanesque, a style peculiar to Melbourne, combining American #RomanesqueRevival (the tall arches, maybe from #LouisSullivan), #QueenAnne, and sometimes #ArtNouveau details. The red brick here is actually mostly large brick coloured #terracotta cladding. There’s also an old #neonsign that’s falling apart, The Light House, guess they sold lights! (Update March 2012: Update: yes Lighthouse was a lighting shop which opened here in 1960. ) And I like that it’s part a good bit of heritage #streetscape, all from 1900-1915. Barnet was pretty prolific. And ok, you can find this style in Sydney too, but brown brick, and less decorative, used only for warehouses.These photos December 2019

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